Sapir Tips and Additions

Tip: The Sapir RTF file is much more portable than the RTF files made by other programs, since it is simple. You can often improve the portability of an RTF file by simply reading it into Sapir and then immediately saving it. Tip: If you are not using Nikud, you can set the Character Table (Options/ Properties/ ) to No Conversion. That will read in both Hebrew and English text from Windows programs properly, but it is faster than the regular Windows setting.

Additions: Here are some additions for Sapir.

One important example is rule files (*.RLE) for Super Find that people have developed that can be useful to others.

If you have something to add, please Contact Me

The program comes with several useful examples, and here are some more:


This rule file converts from English spelling to American spelling.


This rule file converts from Hebrew that is encoded into English letters to the normal Windows (CP 1255) encoding for Hebrew. Some older files from DOS days, mainly early DOS days, encoded Hebrew in this way. This follows the keyboard: a is shin, s is daled, etc.


This rule file converts from English Wordstar files with the "eighth bit" set. It converts them to normal English text.