Sapir Torah Text Processor

On this page you can download the shareware Sapir Torah Text Processor for Windows, a text processor with heavy duty tools for creating and preparing text -- especially Torah text -- and then sending it to the layout program of your choice. A superior English text processor, the Hebrew is a bonus. NOTE: Sapir is now FREE. Just email us your code and we will send you an installation key. (Click here to read about the book, "At the Center of the Universe," by Mordecai Plaut and order it here.) (Click here for Daf Yomi Material here.)

Now for Free!

We can make PDF output files from Sapir Shulchanit files! Send them straight to the printer, without making plates!!
New material for full text search.
The full list is as follows:
Basic Texts: Tanach, Bavli, Yerushalmi, Tosefto, Rambam Mishneh Torah, Medroshim (20), Zohar
Additional Texts: Maharal (5), Gra (4), Kisvei Ari (12), Additional Rambam (9)

חיפוש טקסט מלא בכל אלו:
טקסטים בסיסיים: תנ"ך, בבלי (כולל משניות), ירושלמי, תוספתא, רמבם משנה תורה, מדרשים, זוהר
טקסטים נוספים: מהרל (5), גר"א (4), כתבי הארי (12), רמבם נוספים (9

!עכשיו בחינם

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Sapir Text Processing

Sapir is a low cost, lighweight Hebrew/English text processor that has many special features for producing written Torah material. Sapir now includes full support for Palm files. Smoothly move from PC to Palm and back.

Among its features of special interest to Torah writers are:

  • Integrated text search - find your references without leaving the program. Trial version has Tanach; full version has Tanach, Bavli, Yerushalmi, Tosefta and Rambam Mishneh Torah.
  • Sheim Hashem Protection
  • Full date conversion Gregorian<->Hebrew
  • Easy Nikud
  • Easy Import and Export to all other formats
  • Designed, developed and maintained by Torah people
  • Many other text processing features

You can use Sapir to prepare text that will be formatted and printed in another program such as Microsoft Word, or submitted to a newspaper or periodical, etc. See below for information on Integrated Text Search and Sheim Hashem protection, new features in version 3.55 from March, '04.

It can import and export (with its Text Conversion Wizard) from many DOS and Windows formats, and has many utilities including Super Find which can do up to 1500 transformations in one pass.

Sapir works on any version of 32 bit Windows. It does not require Hebrew support.

A partial list of its advanced features: multiple document interface, virtually unlimited file size, integrated Super Find/Replace, Conversion Wizard (DOS -> Windows; Windows -> DOS; various formats: RTF; Windows CP1255; Sapir DOS; QTEXT, Einstein, 3B2), MRU list, Favorites list, Undo/Redo, Advanced Editing Commands, Phonetic keyboard for English-speaking users, and more.

  • To visit the Tips and Additions page click here.
  • To see a Screen Shot click here.

    New Version Exclusive Features:

    Palm OS Support. Sapir includes full Palm OS support, for any computer that uses the Palm OS (operating system). One click on the popup menu prepares the file for sending to your handheld at the next Hotsync. One click checks for updates from the Palm to your PC. Prepare English and Hebrew files for distribution on Palm computers. Sapir produces standard PDB files readable in all Palm readers. Also read Palm PDB files on your PC with Sapir.

    Built-in text search. Sapir includes Hebrew Tanach and Talmud Bavli and more within the program. The texts should serve the needs of an estimated 90% of the people, 95% of the time. Now you will be able to look up the reference you need without leaving Sapir! (3/03)

    Sheim Hashem Protection A builtin option that allows you to edit texts that include the Name of Hashem without it appearing on the screen and being erased. The file is saved with the full Names for eventual printing. (3/03)

    Full Unicode support. (11/2001)